Platinum Games have long been known for creating some of the best action titles in gaming. Previously the studio has only worked under contract or with external publishers for it's games, but that is all set to change with the studio's latest announcement.

Chief game designer, Hideki Kamiya took to the company blog to reveal the new title, under the working name of Project G.G. In the post, Kamiya states that it will be "an all-new, all-original project" for the studio and that "unlike any of the games we’ve made so far, it’s going to be a 100% PlatinumGames title. For everything from its setting and characters, to its game design and story, to how it’s promoted – PlatinumGames is in full control."

No longer beholden to publisher desires, this new title will see PlatinumGames free to go as wild as they like with the design, which should be interesting, considering their previous body of work,

Details are scarce, but the studio released a brief teaser trailer which looks heavily inspired by the likes of Ultraman and Pacific Rim. Platinum have long been one of my favourite developers, so I'm excited to see what they do with the new found creative freedom. That dog better survive though...