After a mammoth community event involving literally billions of resources was completed yesterday, Bungie has now confirmed that Trials of Osiris will be coming to Destiny 2.

The high-stakes PvP event was last seen in Destiny 1 – a spiritual successor called Trials of the Nine was originally in D2 but never captured the same essence.

In the original Trials, two teams of three players fought it out in elimination rounds with limited lives. Teams that managed to achieve nine wins in a row were granted access to Osiris' Lighthouse on Mercury.

"Destiny 2 needs aspirational experiences likes Trials in PVP," game director Luke Smith said on Twitter

Trials of Osiris will return as part of the the game's upcoming Season of the Worthy on March 13. Whether that's the entirety of content coming next season remains to be seen, but one has to wonder if it'll be made more accessible for those that are more casual in their playstyle.

In other Destiny news, Luke Smith has said the developer will adjust limited-time content in future seasons to reduce the fear of missing out.