Paramount Pictures just dropped the updated for Sonic the Hedgehog, now featuring a hero that wasn't spawned from the depths of uncanny valley.

The new trailer comes after director Jeff Fowler promised to redesign the titular hedgehog, responding to fan outcry over a truly distorted version of Sonic that featured human teeth, beady eyes, and strange proportions.

The updated version is far more familiar, with larger eyes and ears, as well as a distinct lack of human teeth.

There's plenty of fun in the new trailer besides a new look for Sonic, with moments that feel like PG outtakes from Deadpool and Jim Carrey chewing the scenery in classic fashion as Dr. Robotnik.

Of course all of this extra work has come at a cost. Previously slated to release this month, the film was pushed four months to allow for the redesign, and will now release February 14, 2020.

Here's hoping this doesn't set a precedent for fans demanding changes to films in the future – 'cause the internet is usually so reasonable.