The upcoming release of Doom Eternal will include a pretty sweet bonus for those that pre-order.

Bethesda today announced that any past, present or future pre-orders of Doom Eternal will include a digital copy of the classic title Doom 64.

For PlayStation, Xbox, and PC owners, both titles will release on March 20, 2020. For Switch owners, Doom 64 will be available to purchase on this date, or they can pre-order Doom Eternal and get the pre-order bonus when the game releases at a later date.

Doom 64 originally released in 1997 on Nintendo 64 and quickly became a cult-classic. The title includes more than thirty levels, all of which are coming to modern consoles for the first time.

For those that pre-order the Deluxe Edition of Doom Eternal, the Rip and Tear pack will also include a remixed version of the "Cultist Base" campaign level that offers new challenges and surprises.

The inclusion of this fan-favourite is likely welcome news for Doom fans, after Eternal's delay from November to March next year.