Bungie's latest weekly update has revealed a new roadmap for content releases coming to next month's expansion, Shadowkeep.

The calendar (see below) details content updates for both free-to-play and Season Pass holders, including launch dates for the first raid, exotic weapon quests, and the upcoming event Festival of the Lost.

Addition information was teased by Bungie, which hinted at a video documentary releasing this week that will cover more of Year Three's content.

Bungie details Shadowkeep's release roadmap

Bungie also went into detail about changes being made to the game's weapons in PvE environments. Several weapon types will see a base damage increase between 20-30% while minor enemies will take half the amount of precision damage – meaning it'll be harder to kill them with a single precision shot.

These changes should make weapon types like bows and scout rifles far more viable for gameplay, meaning I might just dust off my old Mida Multitool.

A number of exotic weapons have also been altered, increasing magazine capacity and improving perks, while also implementing bug fixes in some cases.

For a full list of weapon adjustments, check out the developer's blog.

Destiny 2: Shadowkeep releases October 1 on Xbox One, PlayStation 4, and PC.