While Infinity Ward has previously said its Modern Warfare reboot likely wouldn't include a battle royale mode, a new interview hints that the studio hasn't ruled out the game mode entirely.

In a rapid-fire interview with Game Informer, art director Joel Emslie noted that there were "many" unannounced multiplayer modes, and when asked if battle royale would be included, answered with the very coy "we'll have to wait and see," noting that "I'm personally a fan of that game mode."

In addition to Modern Warfare's single player campaign, Infinity Ward has confirmed a number of multiplayer modes including Gunfight, Ground War, Spec Ops, CTF, TDM, Search and Destroy and more.

The battle royale mode was featured front-and-centre in 2018's Black Ops 4 under the name 'Blackout' and was a celebrated success, with our own Baz Macdonald comparing it to PUBG only "executed better in every way."

Call of Duty: Modern Warfare releases October 25 on PC, Xbox One and PlayStation 4.