Setting out to prove Nintendo doesn't have the monopoly on gaming nostalgia, Sony has just announced the release of its own Classic console.

The PlayStation Classic will come pre-loaded with 20 iconic titles from the PS One era and is set to release December 3.

The Classic's release will coincide with the anniversary of the PlayStation's original release back in 1994 – "almost 25 years ago."

Of course, the biggest selling point is the games, which include Final Fantasy VII, Tekken 3, Wild Arms, and Ridge Racer Type 4. Sony notes that all titles "will be playable in their original format."

This isn't the first piece of memorabilia based off the original PlayStation console. To celebrate the 20th anniversary, Sony released a limited edition PlayStation 4 sporting the classic grey tones of the PS One.

Sony plays the nostalgia card with the PlayStation Classic
Includes two controllers as well as both HDMI and USB cables.

The PlayStation Classic will be 45% smaller than it's original namesake, and will retail for NZD$169.99.

Those looking for a trip down memory lane can pre-order the PlayStation Classic now from Mighty Ape.