Developer Io Interactive has released a short video for the upcoming Hitman 2 (the first in a series of gameplay clips to come) titled "How to Hitman: Immersion".

In this video, we get another look at the games gorgeous Miami race day location and a brief look at some of the disguise options available to Agent 47 as he expertly blends in to the crowds despite his shiny bald melon.

The game features more unique NPC models and larger hyper-detailed locations than ever before, giving players a wealth of options when approaching each assassination contract. The video also touches on some of the different outcomes, depending on how players decided to dispatch their targets.

Hitman games have always allowed for a massive amount of player freedom, with the dial being turned up to eleven for the sequel.

Hitman 2 releases November 13 and is available to pre-order from Mighty Ape on PlayStation 4 and Xbox One.

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