Indivisible, the upcoming action-RPG from Skullgirls studio Lab Zero, has been delayed.

The sheer number of assets the game requires and the time needed to deliver them at an acceptable quality are the main reasons for the delay.

"While we did everything we could to prevent this from happening, the simple reality is that Indivisible ended up being a much larger project than we could have anticipated when the game was conceived way back in 2015," said Lab Zero.

Publisher 505 Games is funding most of the game's development, but Lab Zero is now kicking in some of its earnings from Skullgirls to help out as well.

“Not only do we want to deliver the game we said we would, the game’s structure and story made it virtually impossible to cut levels or make other kinds of ‘easy’ cuts to reduce the scope of the game,” said Lab Zero.

You might say the game couldn’t be divided up any further – is there a word for that?

Indivisible is now expected to release on PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Switch, and PC in 2019.