Quantic Dream is suing a pair of French media outlets that reported on working conditions at the studio.

Kotaku has learned that French newspaper Le Monde and website Mediapart are being sued by the Detroit: Become Human developer in what is believed to be the first incident of a video game studio taking legal action against the press for negative reporting.

In January, former employees of Quantic Dream claimed that inappropriate behaviour, sexism, and homophobia are all commonplace at the studio.

The accusations began after about 600 photoshopped images dating back to 2013 were leaked from the company,

Quantic founder David Cage was accused of making dirty jokes and inappropriate remarks about actresses in his games, as well as homophobic or racist jokes.

Cage said the allegations were "ridiculous, absurd and grotesque", and threatened litigation. He has now followed through.

According to one of the journalists named in the lawsuit, the sued publications now must demonstrate that they handled the story with fairness, good faith, and appropriate caution.