The first public test of Kiwi FPS Sky Noon is running from now until Tuesday morning, developer Lunar Rooster has announced.

You can sign up to participate in the beta on the game’s official Discord channel.

Sky Noon is a western-themed multiplayer FPS where kills are scored by knocking opponents off the map, Smash Bros.-style.

The beta will feature two free for all maps, and one cart mode map - Lunar Rooster's take on the classic team-based escort mode.

In cart mode, it tasks one team with moving a rail cart into the enemy base, and the first to three wins.

Players push the cart using their weapons (all guns in the game fire pockets of air), and players can re-route the cart by shooting track selectors.

Lunar Rooster is looking for feedback on mechanics, server browsers, and usability settings.

“We just wanna focus on the mechanical structure of the game, make sure it’s working sweet,” said Lunar Rooster’s Craig Taylor.

Dedicated servers and a quickplay option will appear in another beta further down the line.

The full game will include four maps for free-for-all, king of the hill, and team deathmatch; and three for cart mode.

At the start of this year, Sky Noon was picked up by American publisher Reverb Triple XP, which recently showed it off on Lunar Rooster’s behalf at PAX East.

Reverb Triple XP didn’t insist on any changes: “They were on board to bring what we had to release,” said Taylor.

Sky Noon is expected to launch on Steam Early Access in the second quarter of this year.

Lunar Rooster hopes consoles versions will eventually follow as well.