Rockfish Games paid thousands to streamers at the launch of Everspace, but says most of the money was wasted.

As VG24/7 reports, Everspace developer Michael Schade gave a talk today at the Reboot Develop conference, where he outlined the pitfalls of paying prominent streamers to play a game.

Rockfish paid up to 5000 euros per hour to streamers to publicise the game, but Schade said that most were “just shit at playing the game” and “a disaster”.

One streamer that cost the studio 10,000 euros opened with “I have to stop playing Destiny 2 now because I’m on a sponsored stream to play a space game and I don’t like space games”, and then in Schade’s words “played like a complete moron… a fucking moron”.

Of the 20 influencers (ugh) paid to play Everspace, only “three or five of them have worked out”, Schade added.

Schade cautioned other developers to vet streamers themselves rather than rely on agency picks, as Rockfish had done.