Battletech, the upcoming turn-based tactical title from Shadowrun developer Harebrained Schemes, will release for PC on April 24.

According to publisher Paradox, Battletech is the first turn-based tactical mech combat PC game in more than 20 years.

In the game, you play as the commander of a mercenary company on the edges of civilized space, negotiating and executing a variety of combat contracts while attempting to keep your ‘Mechwarriors happy and your operations prosperous.

The game’s story features the player falling in with the deposed ruler of a noble house and, fighting for either coin or cause, becoming a player in her bid to retake her throne.

Battletech was crowdfunded to the tune of US$2.8m in late 2015, easily eclipsing its US$250k goal.

It will feature a story campaign and PvP multiplayer, and is scheduled to launch this year.

Development is being led by Jordan Weisman, creator of BattleTech and MechWarrior.

“The entire team at Harebrained Schemes has been eagerly awaiting the day we deliver Battletech to long time fans and introduce the joy of tactical ‘Mech combat and deadly interstellar politics to new ones,” said Harebrained Schemes CEO Jordan Weisman.

“We’re massively thankful to our Kickstarter backers and fans of the MechWarrior legacy. Without their patience, dedication and support, this modern turn-based Battletech wouldn’t soon be launching on PC and Mac.”