A Kiwi-made action adventure title inspired by a Maori legend is coming to PlayStation Vita on April 5, and PlayStation 4 soon thereafter.

In Reverie, you play as Tai, a young boy on summer holiday exploring the dangerous Toromi Island, in an effort to calm angry spirits threatening the safety of the land’s inhabitants.

Developed by small Auckland indie Rainbite, Reverie was inspired by the legend of Maui and the Giant Fish, where the demigod fishes up the North Island with a powerful fishhook.

It also takes cues from Earthbound and Zelda, but there’s plenty of Aotearoa in there: you can collect feathers from New Zealand’s native birds, and the whole thing takes place on a fictional island off the coast of New Zealand.

According to Rainbite, there are six dungeons to fight and puzzle through, weapons and items to cater to different gameplay styles, and a wide variety of distinct environments to explore in the overworld.

Physical PS4 and PS Vita editions of Reverie will be released in small quantities after the digital launches, and will include a manual, a map, physical soundtrack CD, and the game cartridge/disc.