PUBG has a cheating problem, but region locking China will not help, says Brendan "PlayerUnknown" Greene.

Speaking with USGamer at GDC, Greene addressed what is likely the number one request from the battle royale title’s PC fanbase.

"I mean everyone that [suggests] region locking [is forgetting about] VPN. It just doesn't work," Greene said.

"We just implemented ping-based matchmaking which really has improved the gameplay experience for a lot of players. It's working out quite well and we're still doing research.

“We have the data team looking into it and trying to improve it. And that's the goal with the game, to keep improving it over this year and the next year and the next ten years."

To combat cheaters, PUBG Corp. has also recently added reporting features, kill cams, and a replay feature to the game.

In January of this year alone it banned a million players for cheating.

"We don't talk too in-depth about what we're actually doing to combat cheating because it just gives the cheaters a leg up," said Greene.

"We have anti-cheating testing internally and we're working to build systems to really get a handle on the guys that don't want to play fair.

“You know, it's an ongoing battle. It will continue long into the future, I'm sure. But I'm seeing some promising results internally and over the next few months I really hope we're going to get a better handle on it."