Ubisoft now has the most-played fighting game on Steam in its portfolio.

That's because the French publisher has acquired developer Blue Mammoth Games, maker of Brawlhalla.

Brawlhalla is a Smash Bros.-style platform fighter where up to eight players battle it out locally or online. It features more than 30 playable characters.

Blue Mammoth released Brawlhalla on PC and PlayStation 4 last October, and it has since become the most-played fighting game on Steam and one of the most downloaded free-to-play titles on PS4.

The game is also building a strong esports following, with Blue Mammoth recently announcing a partnership with Dreamhack for the Brawlhalla World Championship.

“We’re looking forward to leveraging Ubisoft’s expertise and resources to continue developing and supporting Brawlhalla for the long term, and to benefiting from their help in bringing the game to new players,” said Blue Mammoth founders Matthew Woomer and Lincoln Hamilton.