Fantasy digital board game Armello is coming to iOS devices on March 15, developer League of Geeks has announced.

It will be free-to-play, but devoid of the energy systems that business model is often associated with on mobile.

Instead, the base game comes with the original four playable characters who debuted in the Steam Early Access release, and 12 more heroes, cosmetic items, and other content will be offered both as permanent in-app purchases and timed subscriptions that unlock all content.

According to League of Geeks, a suite of gameplay alterations tailor Armello to mobile devices, and the result is an adventure with a brisker pace.

Armello was originally announced for iPad back in 2011, and versions for iPad, Android and PC were crowdfunded in 2014.

However, the game has only been released on PC, Xbox One, and PlayStation 4 so far.

Armello provides a fairy-tale anthropomorphic world to get lost in.

Players can compete for the crown across single and multiplayer matches by embarking on epic quests, battling foes, ensnaring rivals in insidious traps, casting powerful spells, and hatching plans en route to deposing the mad king.

Each match begins with the Kingdom of Armello falling into darkness as the corrupting force known as the Rot drives the lion king insane. In response, the realm’s five animal clans – Bear, Rabbit, Rat, Wolf, and Bandit – call forth their mightiest heroes to brave the perilous journey to the monarch’s palace where they can challenge the mad ruler for his crown.

Players choose a character from one of the clans, each with their own strengths, weaknesses, and distinctive abilities, then compete against three others to ascend the throne.

"Tens of thousands of players are still playing Armello more than three years after its initial launch, and soon this passionate community will now be able to take Armello with them on the go,” said League of Geeks co-founder and director Trent Kusters.

"It’s a perfect way to share the experience and introduce an entirely new group of fans to the magical world of Armello."

We enjoyed Armello a lot at its release in 2015.

"A slower-paced wee gem that not only invents a pretty decent board game out of nothing, but also generally maximises the advantages of making that board game a digital one, Armello is a lovingly crafted debut that hints at good things to come for League of Geeks," wrote Gameplanet's Ben Allan at the time.