The latest game from FTL: Faster Than Light studio Subset Games is getting rave reviews.

Into the Breach is a turn-based tactical RPG for PC that has the player pit powerful mechs against an alien threat.

Right now, Into the Breach has the highest score of the year on OpenCritic, with critics praising its puzzle-style battles, focus on collateral damage, challenge, and tight gameplay loop.

RPG legend Chris Avellone contributed some writing to the game, including its lore and the mech pilot personalities and barks.

"It’s not a linear story game – nor a story game at all, which is a change of pace for me," Avellone explains in an interview on Steemit.

"The writing is there to inform the aesthetic and feel of the world, and the pilot language is focused on events transpiring in the game with window views into the individual pilot backstories coming out over time (no pun intended).

"It was both a challenge and a lot of fun. One point worthy of note is we purposely chose not to go 'grimdark' with the lore and personalities, so it has a lighter feel to it, which was a nice writing change of pace for me (I’d been doing dark stuff for a long time, and you can get lost in that stuff)."

Into the Breach launched today, and you can pick it up on Steam for NZ$18.49.

Here's Heat Signature creator Tom Francis playing it: