UK developer Automaton is looking to up the ante in the battle royale genre by allowing up to 400 players in a single game.

That game is Mavericks: Proving Grounds (previously known by its codename "Project X"), a 1000-player MMO that includes the aforementioned 400 person mode.

At the PC Gamer Weekender, Automaton revealed that Proving Grounds's battle royale mode will be available this year, with the open world MMO component to follow in 2019.

The battle royale mode will take place on a 12 km squared map (or a 16 km squared map, depending on who you believe) that is a "living and breathing" world filled with reactive wildlife, muddy tracks, spreading wildfire, dynamic water, and more.


According to Automaton Games' James Thompson, the map will be a "holistic" world presented via advanced photogrammetry, that allows for a high level of destructibility.

The game uses Improbable's SpatialOS technology, an infrastructure that enables developers to create larger-scale games with persistent environments, and will run on CryEngine.

Last year, Automaton received US$10 million in funding to build the project.

According to PC Gamer, the game will eventually feature a social hub city named The Capital, where players can trade, register clans, and track rankings and achievements.

A closed beta will run this winter.