A Kiwi game about chronic fatigue syndrome is available now on Steam for the princely sum of zero dollars and zero cents.

Robin is described by developer Group Pug as a short slice of life game that was made to give some visibility to an invisible illness – "a quick, relatable insight into the struggles of living with CFS/ME".

It has the player live out three days in the life of Robin, a CFS sufferer, and try to manage her time as best they can.

"What you decide to do in these days is up to you, but know that there is never such a thing as a perfect ending," the game's Steam page states.

Robin was created by Isabelle Dela Torre, José Fernando Gracia, Annaliese Bevan, and Poppy de Raad, and has already caught the infected eye of massive YouTuber Jacksepticeye.

"I hope playing games like this kind of opens up that door for people to be able to talk about these things," he said.