City and tribe management title Goblins of Elderstone has launched into Steam Early Access.

Pitched as a city builder crossed with a goblin tribe simulator, Goblins of Elderstone has you grow a tiny goblin clan into dominating tribe, battle other races, raid dungeons, and attempt to maintain order within your green-skinned community.

An alpha of the Kiwi-made game launched last June on's First Access programme, but much has been added since, and the game now has support from US-based publisher Crytivo.

Goblins of Elderstone features free-form city building, a large resource and crafting tree, goblin politics and religion, RPG-style story moments, and more.

"You can use your wisdom and industrious nature to create a trade empire. You can be the divine chosen one and lead your tribe to glory through the power of your faith in the gods. You can be a conqueror and show the world the might of your goblin forces," reads the game's Steam page.

Developer Lost Goblin is aiming to keep Goblins of Elderstone in Early Access for up to a year, during which time it will add more gods, heroes, NPCs, and story moments, among other things.

"Although its always hard to tell and very much depends on the feature requests and demands of the community we would like to only stay in Early Access for 6-12 months in order to focus on getting the game done," said Lost Goblin.

"If however the community gets behind this game and keeps pushing us to new and greater horizons we would be encouraged to continue growing the game."

You can pick up Goblins of Elderstone on Steam right now at a launch week special price of NZ$25.49.