A beloved open world racer looks set to return with a new lick of paint.

Gematsu is reporting that EA is prepping a high-definition remaster of 2008's much-praised Burnout Paradise.

Gematsu is going by a listing from a Japanese retailer, which claims the game will release for PlayStation 4 in Japan on March 16. (Should this be accurate, an Xbox One version will in all likelihood get a release outside the Sony/Nintendo stronghold that is Japan.)

In early December, rumours of just such a re-release (for PlayStation 4 and Xbox One) popped up on Brazilian blog GamePress, which got its information from a supplier database.

The release date on the database was March 1.

Burnout Paradise was originally developed by Criterion, and launched on PlayStation 3, Xbox 360, and PC open-world racer. It's a game often brought up when lamenting the current state of EA's once-mighty Need For Speed franchise.

"If you are into racing games or want to vent your road rage then this is a game you must get hold of," wrote former Gameplanet contributor Mike Gunn of Burnout Paradise way back in 2008.

"It's fun to play and people watching will be oohing and ahhing at the spectacular crashes."