Last man standing phenomenon PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds leaves Steam Early Access at 8pm NZT / 6pm AEST tonight.

The game is offline for maintenance until then.

When it resurfaces, the game sport several features that have only appeared on test servers, including the new desert map (Miramar) and a replay function.

According to an update on the game’s Steam page, it will also feature a more stable leaderboard.

Apparently the sheer volume of data it had to process was screwing up the leaderboard, so now only the top 1000 players will see their rank – everyone else will get a percentage rank, provided they have played enough matches for it to be accurately determined.

PUBG has been in Early Access for nine months (three more than expected), and during that time has been updated with a climbing and vaulting system, as well as new vehicles, weapons, and clothing. It also runs much better than it once did – on PC at least.

PUBG has sold more than 24 million copies on PC and one million on Xbox One to date.

The Xbox One version will remain in Game Preview for the foreseeable future, as it currently runs like a bit of a dog.