God of War might be releasing on March 22 next year.

The date was spotted on the game's listing on the PlayStation Store in Chile and the US, but each has subsequently been changed to a placeholder of December 31, 2018.

There are reasons to believe March 22 could be legit: all four core games in the series have released in March; in fact, the first God of War released on March 22, 2005.

In addition, Amazon just gave art book The Art of God of War a March 15, 2018 release date, so the game being out a week later makes some sense.

God of War is eschewing the series' trademark Greek gods for a Norse theme.

"Living as a man outside the shadow of the gods, Kratos must adapt to unfamiliar lands, unexpected threats, and a second chance at being a father," its store listing reads.

"Together with his son Atreus, the pair will venture into the brutal Norse wilds and fight to fulfill a deeply personal quest."

It promises a darker, more elemental world, and vicious combat.

In all likelihood, we'll get the official release date during PlayStation Experience this weekend.

God of War is up for Most Anticipated Game at The Game Awards 2017.