Riot Games is making big changes to its official pro and challenger League of Legends tournaments in Oceania for 2018.

For starters, there will only be one Oceanic Pro League relegation match at the end of the year, rather than one after each split.

That means Oceanic Challenger Series teams only get one opportunity a year to get into the OPL, but Riot hopes it will empower teams and players to sign healthy contracts and sponsorships, and make better decisions around team housing and training facilities.

Secondly, the Oceanic Challenger Series is moving to a single season format and expanding to 14 teams, eight of which will be run by an OPL organisation.

The intent here is to provide a better way for upcoming players to be noticed.

"We believe that this change will raise the overall talent level in Oceania in the long run, especially as OPL teams become more invested in the Challenger scene as well as future pro player development," said Riot.

Finally, the Oceanic Open Ladder is disappearing, and will be replaced with grassroots activities organised by OCS teams and third parties like ESL and Showdown.

"We love amateur competition, but we haven’t done a good enough job at servicing the growing amateur scene in Oceania," said Riot.

"Fortunately, a handful of third party organisations like ESL and Showdown have stepped up to provide exciting opportunities for grassroots players.

"Even though the OOL provided amateur players with an opportunity to move into the OCS, we found that the vast majority of OOL players enjoyed the opportunity to play in regular, structured tournaments more than anything. This change means that organisers will be able to focus on providing a fun, competitive environment for amateurs as their first priority."

There more in an FAQ on the official LoL Oceania website.