Hollow Knight won't make it onto the Switch this year after all.

Australian developer Team Cherry has announced that Switch port of its excellent Metroidvania title will now release early in 2018.

"We’ve been working hard to get it all polished up and ready (while working on the new content in the meantime), but last week, we took a moment to do a proper assess and decided that we should give it a bit more time," the studio said in a blog update.

"We both (Ari & William) want to ensure this version isn’t just an okay port, but a great one, and our partners at Shark Jump agreed."

The delays can be put down to the way the game was created.

"As first-time developers we built the game in some strange, unoptimised ways and to get things running smoothly and consistently we need to sweep back through and rewrite or fix bits and pieces," said Team Cherry.

"It’s an involved process, but we’ve learnt a lot for the next project and it’s a big relief to get everything cleaned up nicely! The good news is that it’s steadily coming together, and believe us when we say it looks fantastic on the Switch’s screen!"

The good news is that all of the optimisations happening for the Switch version will be making their way into versions for PC, Mac, and Linux.

Team Cherry has been speaking with Microsoft and Sony about getting the game on Xbox One and PlayStation 4, and it recently released a free update for the game called Grimm Troupe.