Aussie adventure puzzle title The Gardens Between is coming to PlayStation 4 next year.

The game is in development at Melbourne-based studio The Voxel Agents, best known for the mobile smash hit Train Conductor series.

It is coming to Steam for Windows and Mac in this year, and will hit PlayStation 4 in the third quarter of 2018.

The Gardens Between has two best friends explore a surreal world of mysterious gardens.

It's pitched as a bittersweet story of friendship, where – thanks to the forwards and backwards traversal of time – cause and effect is malleable.

As per The Voxel Agents:

Take control of time to move Arina and Frendt towards strange beacons that ignite stars and form constellations. Each completed constellation illuminates a defining moment in their friendship, revealing a bittersweet story.

The vibrant world of lush gardens grow around objects from Arina and Frendt's past, forming curious combinations of time and imagination. The Gardens Between features a rich and colorful art style depicting a fantastical world that draws inspiration from contemporary illustration, landscape design and architecture. The soundtrack compliments the abstract environment with intimate, atmospheric melodies.

"Every puzzle in The Gardens Between reveals more of the narrative of Arina and Frendt," said Voxel Agents co-founder Simon Joslin.

"Though the journey is an emotional one, our aim is to create a meditative experience that players will look forward to escaping into and relaxing with."