Spelunky 2 is in development, and is a PlayStation 4 and PC timed exclusive.

This time, Spelunky creator Derek Yu is teaming up with BlitWorks – which ported the first game to PlayStation – to create the game.

Composer Eirik Suhrke is back on board too, but Spelunky lead programmer Andy Hull is busy working on Dunk Lords.

Parenthood has had a big influence on Spelunky 2's story and themes, said Yu.

"After Spelunky was released, I took a break from game development, got married, and became a dad!" he said.

'During this period, I wrote a book about Spelunky’s development and my design philosophies, but mostly I spent time with my wife and daughter.

"As my daughter got older and the chaos began to subside, however, thoughts of Spelunky 2 started to take real shape inside my head."