Cosmic 3D platformer Rogue Singularity is coming to Switch and "other consoles" next year.

An endless old-school platformer adventure developed by independent Australian studio Considerable Content, Rogue Singularity is already available on Windows, Mac and Linux via Steam Early Access.

According to Considerable Content, players who grew up with a Nintendo 64 or PlayStation 1 controller in their hands will feel a rush of nostalgia as they jump, dodge and roll across treacherous floating worlds.

Here's the pitch:

A wandering black hole has crashed into your home galaxy, leaving you struggling to survive among the floating fragments of countless worlds. Control your plucky robot hero through an infinite series of procedurally-generated levels populated with out-of-control machines, bizarre alien creatures and deadly traps.

Rogue Singularity promises pulse-pounding boss fights, endless play thanks to procedurally generated levels, a blistering electronic soundtrack by chiptunes legend Derris Kharlan, and more.

“The team here at Considerable Content have poured all of our technical tricks into making this the best game it can be, comparable to the best 3D platformers that shaped our gaming tastes when we were youngsters in the 1990s," said developer Scott Beca.

"Nintendo titles have inspired us as creatives for decades, so we are thrilled to share our creation with the world on Nintendo Switch!”