Lego Dimensions is coming to an end a year early, sources from within developer TT Games say.

Although the cancellation has yet to be officially confirmed by the publisher, Eurogamer reported that multiple sources have said the series is wrapping up early.

This cancellation is occurring two years into a planned three years of support for the game, and before all of the game's expected content is released.

Dimensions launched strong in 2015, and TT quickly released multiple expansion packs for franchises such as Doctor Who, Portal, Scooby Doo and The Lord of the Rings.

TT Games slightly adjusted its approach in its second year, launching a similar number of franchises, but with less packs per IP.

But it seems these adjustments weren’t enough to save the game from the toys to life curse we have seen in recent years, with the cancellation of Disney Infinity and the hiatus of Skylanders.

Eurogamer reported on the last email TT Games studio manager Dave Dootson sent to the development team, which thanked them all for their work on the game.

"As difficult as it has been, it is worth celebrating the incredible achievement it represents in the quality of the game, the amazing blend of IPs and the challenging technical demands it presented,” Dootson said. "It stands as a real testament to the talent within TT."