Fans of physics-based comedy games now have a low-budget local offering to tackle.

Super Bunny Man began life as a well-regarded but little-played Android title, so its creator is hoping that a move to PC and the addition of multiplayer will see it find an audience.

On PC, the game is a physics-based couch co-op platformer where jumping and rolling are the only ways to move through each of its 30 levels.

The catch is that your bunny man is frozen in an upright pose, which makes precise leaps something of a challenge.

Co-op adds an extra haphazard wonkiness to proceedings, as you can grab onto your partner and perhaps inadvertently send them flying into the game's many traps. A deathmatch mode for up to four – which is sure to be chaotic – is in the works.

Super Bunny Man is the work of a Kiwi named Joseph, 26, an electronic engineer by day who has coded as a hobby since he was a teenager.

Hew estimates that SBM is his 30th project, but it's the first he has actually released.

Super Bunny Man is available now on Steam Early Access.