Skyrim's Survival Mode is now in beta on Steam, and will come to Xbox One and PlayStation 4 early next month.

The mode is free for a its first week on the market, and transforms the world of Skyrim into "a land of unrelenting cold and harsh wilderness", in a similar manner to PC mods like Frostfall and iNeed.

The main additions are hunger, fatigue, and cold.

Hunger impacts your total stamina and your ability to wield weapons. Cooked food restores more hunger than uncooked food, and if you eat raw meat, you may contract Food Poisoning. However, both vampires and werewolves can restore their hunger by feeding on their victims.

Fatigue decreases your total available magicka, the effectiveness of potions, and your ability to recover magicka and stamina. You need to periodically sleep in a bed in order to restore your fatigue, and sleeping indoors is vastly better than sleeping outside. You must now sleep to level up.

Cold decreases your total available health, your movement speed, and your ability to pick locks and pockets. You can warm up by standing near a fire, eating hot soup, or moving to a warmer location. How cold you get is affected by the Warmth rating of your clothing and armour.

In addition to all of that, carry weight is significantly reduced, you no longer regenerate health, and fast travel is disabled. You can still take a carriage or boat to your destination, but you may arrive hungry, cold, and in need of rest after a long journey.

Oh, and creatures now carry threatening new diseases, previous diseases are now even more debilitating.

The appearance of Survival Mode marks the launch of Skyrim's Creation Club.

The Creation Club, which is already available for Fallout 4, is a scheme in which you pay for Bethesda-approved mods.