According to Kotaku sources, Volition has laid off more than 30 of its 200 employees after disappointing sales of open world action title Agents of Mayhem.

Apparently, studio general manager Dan Cermak was one of those shown the door.

Kotaku's sources claim that Volition parent company and publisher Deep Silver was unhappy with Agents of Mayhem’s sales.

Companies rarely divulge sales data, but the game failed to make an impact on the UK physical game sales chart, and according to Steam Spy a mere 32,000 copies have been sold on Steam.

Volition previously developed the Saints Row series, and Agents of Mayhem is set in the same universe.

"But even epic glitches aside, Agents of Mayhem is tough to recommend," wrote Gameplanet's Alan Bell in his scathing review of the game.

"There’s good comedy here and the characters are cool, but everything else feels too close to placeholder quality."