Last week, Bungie announced that it was removing a gauntlet that references a far-right hate symbol from Destiny 2.

The look of the gauntlet in question is based on the flag of "Kekistan" – a fictional nation invented in 4chan's political board – which itself is based on a nazi battle flag.

Kekistan rose to prominence after being promoted by a handful of anti-feminism YouTubers.

On Friday, Bungie explained that the design made it into Destiny 2 because the initial review team was unaware of Kekistan and what it represents. It saw the gauntlet simply as a play on "kek" – the phrase Horde characters in World of Warcraft say when the player types "lol" into chat.

"Earlier this week, we were made aware that a graphical element on one of Destiny 2’s armour pieces bore close resemblance to an internet meme that has been subsequently repurposed to represent hate and intolerance. This was completely unintentional," wrote Bungie community manager David Dague on the Destiny 2 blog.

"Unfortunately, that review was conducted to explore whether or not we were comfortable with the connection to the original, innocuous 'kek' internet meme.

"The more contemporary, vile derivation that has been repurposed by hate groups was not surfaced through this process, and therefore, the armour was approved for ship."

The armour piece was eventually flagged by another team responsible for reviewing content for cultural, geographical, and other sensitive issues.

"Though we are still investigating our creative process in full, we know there was no degree of malicious intent from anyone on our team," said Dague.

"That said, we do recognize that the design in question is close enough to warrant removal from the game."