PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds now offers first-person-only servers for the Oceania region.

The servers are only available in the game's Duo mode.

First-person servers force that perspective on players at all times rather than allowing the game's usual third-person camera.

Developer Bluehole hopes that adding first-person perspective servers (FPP) will boost the Oceanic player base and encourage more players to try FPP.

"For SOLO and SQUAD, we plan to introduce FPP at a later stage when we have an increased user pool on OCE servers in order to ensure a pleasant experience for all Oceanic players," said Bluehole.

Two days ago, Bluehole said first-person servers would only be activated once Oceania player counts were high enough.

There was an immediate backlash that appears to have forced the change.

In a statement made last night, Bluehole said that 500 concurrent players is the minimum to ensure a reasonable matchmaking time for two game modes, and that a new map coming later this year will further split the playerbase.

"One of our main concerns was the fact that it can affect the other group of players who do not play FPP," said Bluehole.

"All of these factors would result in a divided player base for each of these modes and ultimately affect the time required for matchmaking, especially in those regions with a smaller player base.

"However, we have decided to introduce first-person only servers to DUO first to accommodate players who want to fully enjoy the first-person only experience," the studio added.

"Please note that you may experience longer matchmaking time or find it difficult to quickly join a new game from 1:00 am to 12:00 pm ACST (3:30am to 2:30pm NZT)."