Destiny 2’s campaign is about 12 hours long, according to Twitch streamer Jericho.

That's assuming you can actually get into the game, which like any massive online title does, is occasionally struggling under the weight of the approximately two kajillion people trying to log on to it at once.

The shared-world shooter sequel features 16 acts that pit players against Ghaul and his Red Legion, and its missions can be replayed in any order once you've run through it once.

Apparently the game begins with a touching tribute to returning players, recognising their personal accomplishments from the first game.

Also, the game's Japanese trailer, which appears to simply be a tribute to the game's dance emotes, is a thing of beauty. That theme song!

We're gonna take back the Light
Take on the fight
Harness the energy with all your might
Shine for humanity and make sure its right
Protect community and never lose sight
Claim your name and home in history
Believe in the ability to achieve victory!