An update from PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds developer Bluehole has some Oceania players convinced that our region will miss out on first-person servers.

First-person servers force that perspective on players at all times rather than allowing the game's usual third-person camera, and are being trialled in other regions.

However, they are yet to come to Oceania, and developer Bluehole's radio silence on the matter has seen some Oceania players brave laggier than usual connections to play the mode on US servers, for example.

Yesterday, PUBG lead community manager Sammie "poopieQueen" Kang wrote on Discord that while she understands the frustration, the current player base in Oceania is too small to support the mode.

"Even if we consider players who are playing on other servers, the number is so small that it could mean (1) increased matchmaking time or (2) a small number of players in every session which can both result in negative player experience," Kang wrote.

"For other regions, the number of active players was much larger which means there will be a number of active sessions filled with enough players throughout the day.

"OCE community is one of the most passionate communities I've seen so far. I love and respect how everyone has been supportive and enthusiastic about PUBG," she added.

"We would not want to upset the community but it takes us some time to fully analyze the current situation and see if we can come up with a solution or not."

Following backlash against the reasoning on Twitter and Reddit, Kang reiterated on Twitter that Bluehole is currently searching for a solution.

"I'm definitely aware that community is unhappy w the current status which is why I'm doing my best to find a solution, provide updates ASAP," she wrote.

This morning, Bluehole announced that PUBG has sold more than 10 million copies in its first six months on the market.