LG Dire Wolves has cemented its claim as the best Oceanic Pro League team of 2017 with a second consecutive grand final victory.

The Wolves bested Chiefs 3-1 in the OPL Split 2 Grand Final on Saturday, and will be the first Oceania representative at the League of Legends World Championships in China as a result.

The Worlds run from September 23 to November 4.

"So proud of each and every person here at the @direwolvesgg," tweeted Dire Coach Curtis Morgan. "Chiefs always a classy opponent. Hope to do Oceania proud at worlds!!"

The finals loss was a harsh blow for a resurgent Chiefs team that swept its way through the playoffs after a middling regular season.

"To all our fans, the illusive [sic] dream of Worlds is once again so close yet so far," the team tweeted.

"Words cannot express how thankful we are for your support. We look forward to joining you next year once again in our journey of Chasing Worlds"