Epic Games has chipped in on the development of Kiwi studio Lunar Rooster's FPS brawler Sky Noon.

The Auckland-based studio received US$14,000 in the latest round of Unreal Dev Grants, a US$5 million initiative that awards developers with no-strings-attached funding for "their valuable contributions to the Unreal Engine community".

Advised by evangelists from Epic Games in Australasia to apply, the Lunar Rooster crew did so last year when they were all students. In their application, they detailed why they a good fit for the grant, and pledged to help out the community by posting about the game's development (which they have done).

However, the grant was forgotten about until an email from Epic appeared out of the blue about a month ago.

The money will be used to help get all four members of the studio to PAX Aus . Earlier this month they were selected for the PAX Aus Indie Showcase, so their booth and PAX Pass are already covered.

The latest round of the Unreal Dev Grants saw a total of US$204,000 dished out to various in-development video games and community ventures. You can see the full list here.