Beautifully-animated medieval action-adventure Bannerman is out this week for Windows PC via Steam.

An Aussie-made title that features challenging skill-based combat inspired by historical swordsmanship, it is largely the work of indie developer Michael Vansleve under the banner of Armitage Games.

In Bannerman, you play as a man-at-arms who is left for dead following a terrible battle. On awakening, you discover your lord's banner has been lost, and you must travel across a war-torn medieval land to reclaim it.

The game has a sinister aesthetic and tone, and looks to explore the darker side of medieval fantasy.

"There are no knights in shining armour to be found in this world," the pitch reads.

There is, however, brutal combat, some lovely rotoscoped animations, and an original acoustic soundtrack.

You can wishlist Bannerman now on Steam, and on September 1 you can pick it up for US$14.99 thanks to a 10 percent launch discount. Linux and Mac versions are to follow.

Vansleve documented the entire process of making the game in a YouTube series called "Just Make Game", which you can check out here.