The Chiefs have blitzed their way through to the League of Legends Oceanic Pro League Split 2 grand final thanks to a strong showing over the weekend.

The dominant team in Oceania from 2013-16, the Chiefs have struggled this year, missing the semis in Split 1 and finishing third in the Split 2 regular season with a record of 6-4.

However, it now seems the squad has momentum, making it a dangerous adversary in the upcoming final for 2017 Split 1 champs LG Dire Wolves.

The winner of that battle next weekend will head to the LoL World Championships in China, which runs from September 23 to November 4.

"My team is fucking nutty, we've worked so hard this split and we will settle for nothing less than worlds," tweeted Chiefs Jungler Samuel "Spookz" Broadley.

His teammate Brandon "Swip3rR" Holland added, "This is honestly the happiest moment in my esports career, such a great comeback this year. I'm going to worlds and NOONE is stopping me."

The third seed coming into the playoffs gauntlet, the Chiefs stood strong against fourth seed Sin on Saturday, knocking them off 3-0. Earlier, Sin eliminated Avant Gaming in a tight round one contest, 3-2.

The win was sweet revenge for the Chiefs, who fell to Sin 3-2 in Split 1, despite fighting back from 2-0 down to level things at 2-2. [The first version of this article stated the Chiefs were reverse swept - we regret the error.]

Sin saw the bright side in defeat.

"To come from a @OPL relegation battle last year, to a top 4 team this year is such a massive result that we're all incredibly proud of," the team tweeted.

On Sunday, Chiefs followed that result up with an impressive sweep of second seed Legacy, who nonetheless put up a fierce fight.

The second game was a classic, boasting – as Riot's Alex "The Hanshmear" Saccardo pointed out – "a 1000 AP Cassiopeia, the biggest Cho'Gath you have ever seen, an ADC building Warmog's, Claire getting fed to bursting on Zed, Spookz selling his jungle item (for some reason), and perhaps the highest-damage, best-value Rumble Equaliser in League of Legends history".

You can catch all of last weekend's action on the official LoL OPL video on demand page.