Destiny 2 is locked at 30fps on consoles due to the size of the game's play space and number of objects within, Bungie says.

In June, executive producer Mark Noseworthy mentioned on Twitter that the game's complexity meant 30fps was the only viable option on console.

Now, in the latest issue of Edge magazine (excerpted by WCCFTech), Noseworthy has expanded on that thought.

"It’s about the simulation of the Destiny world," he said.

"Thirty AI at once, large open spaces, six players, sometimes with vehicles, and dropships coming in; that’s where we’re using the CPU.

"Could we make a Destiny game that ran at 60fps? Yes, but the space would be smaller, it would be less cooperative, and there’d be fewer monsters to shoot. That’s not the game we want to make," he added.

"First and foremost, we’re trying to make an incredible action game. We don’t feel we’ve been held back by the choices we’ve made about world simulation versus frame rate; in fact, we think we’re offering a player experience you can’t have elsewhere because of the choices we’re making."

Noseworthy also noted that those who want the best performance can play on PC, although that will mean a 46 day wait beyond the console launch date (and the outlay for a decent rig).

"If frame rate is something that’s really important to you, there is a platform now where you can spend as much money as you want to go as fast as you want," he said.