EB Games has paid AU$8500 to at least one of its former staff members following complaints about a manager, Kotaku reports.

In 2015, five EB Games workers lodged a complaint with the NSW Civil and Administrative Tribunal and made statutory declarations to the Australian Human Rights Commission regarding their treatment at the hands of EB Games regional manager Mark DiStefano, among other things.

Some of the alleged treatment is outlined in this Kotaku feature that ran in July 2015, but the short version is that the complainants claim DiStefano was short-tempered; frequently verbally abusive, racist, and homophobic; and behaved inappropriately – even around customers. There were also claims that EB Games' casual staff either worked unpaid overtime or didn't get shifts.

At the time, DiStefano and EB Games denied any and all liability, and now the matter has apparently been settled with no admission of guilt on the company's part.

"I got pressured into taking the deal and I regret it," one former staff member told Kotaku.

EB Games told Kotaku: "our legal advice is we are unable to respond to any confidential matters".