The latest VR title from Dunedin's RocketWerkz is available now on Steam.

Out of Ammo standalone sequel Out of Ammo: Death Drive is an apocalyptic road trip title developed exclusively for VR, in which players build defences, scavenge scrap, and kill undead hordes using an arsenal of firearms, melee weapons and mounted defences.

According to the game's release announcement, it started as an ironic joke by RocketWerkz founder and DayZ creator Dean Hall to add zombies to Out of Ammo. Doesn't he know irony is dead in this postmodern age?

"We've spent the better part of a year experimenting with the dumbest fun we could possibly imagine, and we hope that shines through during your time with the game," said RocketWerkz.

Out of Ammo: Death Drive will set you back NZ$18, or slightly less than that if you already own Out of Ammo.

Last year, Hall wrote on Reddit that the sheer complexity of VR development made Out of Ammo "very unprofitable", despite decent sales.

RocketWerkz is currently working on hardcore space sim Stationeers, which is expected to launch into Early Access next month.