Girls in Games programme will celebrate its fifth year with a pair of events, organiser Media Design School has announced.

The tertiary institution will host Girls in Games Senior Dev Day (for Years 11-13) on September 12, and Girls in Games Junior Dev Day (for Years 9-10) on November 28.

Each is a one-day workshop that covers the basics of game art, game programming, and game design.

The aim is to introduce young women aged 14-18 to creating simple 2D or 3D games using GameMaker.

Media Design School Senior Lecturer Tece Bayrak has been instrumental to the Girls in Games initiative since its inception in 2013.

Bayrak, who teaches Game Development as part of the school's Bachelor of Creative Technologies (Game Art), has noticed a correlation between young women who participate in STEM programmes such as Girls in Games, and the increased representation of young women in the games industry.

"Over the past five years, Girls in Games has evolved from a programme involving nine schools to two specifically tailored workshops each year that see close to 100 young women from all over New Zealand participate in the Girls in Games programme annually," said Bayrak.

"Girls in Games has undergone many changes over the course of the past five years, but the fundamental principle remains the same: to encourage young women to consider game development as a viable, engaging, and rewarding prospective career path.

"Media Design School has always been dedicated to supporting emerging female game developers and Girls in Games is a testament to that," she added.

"More so than ever, our world needs diverse minds to create change in all areas. We hope that Girls in Games is fulfilling its role to contribute to this change."

Registrations are now open for the Senior Dev Day in September.

Early registrations have also opened for Junior Dev Day.