Melbourne City FC is the first club in Australia to sign a player for the digital soccer pitch.

The club has announced that 20-year-old Melbournite and FIFA fanatic Marcus Gomes will be its first esports representative, and that his first outing in the team's colours will be in London this week at the FIFA Interactive World Cup Grand Final.

The final runs from August 16-18, and Gomes is the only Australian player among its 32 finalists.

Gomes' FIFA 17 form puts him in the top 32 players in the world. He had more FIFA 17 FUT Champions Weekend League wins this year than any other PlayStation 4 player in the Rest of World region.

Melbourne City FC signs FIFA esports player

"I started playing FIFA 2006 when I was nine, and I never could have imagined that the game would be where it is today, or that I would be signing a professional eSports contract with a club like Melbourne City," said Gomes.

"I have followed City for the last few years and I am really looking forward to wearing the City blue shirt at this year’s tournaments."

Melbourne City CEO Scott Munn said with interest in esports growing, it is the right time for Melbourne City to move into the industry.

"We see a huge amount of potential and ambition in Marcus," said Munn.

"He is a huge football fan, has proven success as a player, and is passionate about representing Melbourne City and engaging with our fans."