Johnny Depp’s film company Infinitum Nihil is producing a TV series based on Funcom's spooky MMO-turned-action RPG The Secret World.

The series will centre on a team of undercover agents and the shadowy war between secret societies, the Illuminati, Dragon and the Templar. Central to the plot is also the battle against the supernatural in an adventure that spans across our world, multiple dimensions, and incorporates the realms of ancient myths and legends as well as today’s conspiracy theories and headline news.

The pilot was written by James V. Hart (Hook, Dracula, Contact) and Jake Hart.

Johnny Depp will produce the show alongside Christi Dembrowski, Sam Sarkar, and Gudrun Giddings together with showrunner Pam Veasey.

The Secret World universe is full of stories just waiting to be told,” said Funcom CEO Rui Casais.

“From secret societies to myths and legends that are all coming true, The Secret World captures some of humanity’s greatest mysteries and asks 'what if?'.

"As the developers of The Secret World and Secret World Legends, we think it is a fantastic premise for a television show and one we hope will capture the collective imagination of the audience.”

Gudrun Giddings optioned the rights to the show back in 2012.

“It is one of the most character-driven and well-developed games I know of,” he said.

“Hence it naturally lends itself to fantastical storylines with intriguing characters, a thrilling, and binge-worthy international TV show.”

The Secret World initially launched as a subscription product in mid-2012, but despite garnering praise for its story and unique setting, it failed to gather much of a following.

Funcom later switched the game to an upfront purchase model, and it has limped along ever since.

In June, Funcom relaunched the game as a free-to-play action-RPG called Secret World Legends.

Rather than replace the original title, it offers revamped combat, a newly designed progression system, and updated visuals, but the same content.