Those with less hygienic friends will be happy to learn that you no longer need to share a phone for PvP in Kiwi bubble fighter Ink Wars.

That's because the game now features cross-platform LAN PvP, so you can battle your mates from your own device regardless of what they are playing on.

In addition, popular Kiwi streamer Loriipops is now a purchasable character in the free-to-play game.

Created by Auckland game studio Media Hive, Ink Wars takes the seemingly cute exterior of bubble shooters like Puzzle Bobble and turns them into a hardcore competitive experience.

The game's PvP mode has players shoot and match bubbles at each other’s bubbles in real-time battles, providing a unique head-to-head twist on the genre.

It features a large cast of characters, each with unique attributes, grid patterns and playstyles.

All characters are animated with hand-crafted HD sprites rarely seen in an app game, and have satisfying finishing sequences and a range of match-altering Power-Ups.

The latest version of InkWars is available now for iOS and Android.

Kiwi bubble fighter Ink Wars gets LAN PvP, Loriipops