A city-based esports league called The Elite Series will launch in Australia next year.

Australian media business HT&E Events is teaming up with UK esports promoter Gfinity and Ireland's IKON Media & Entertainment to run the league.

Teams will compete weekly at dedicated esports venues, and each event will be broadcast live online and on TV.

The teams are: Adelaide Photonics, Brisbane Deceptors, Melbourne Metattak, Melbourne Rebolte, Perth Subnets, Sydney Blue Surge and Sydney Opsydian.

Games, prize pools, and season lengths are among the details yet to be announced.

HT&E Events will also launch an online competition for amateur players called The Challenger Series in the third quarter of this year. It will act as a ramp up to The Elite Series.

Gfinity Chief Executive Neville Upton said his goal was to grow esports in Australia.

“We look forward to promoting Australia’s home grown talent via our online competitions and city- based franchise league,” he said.

Given that Channel Seven's ScreenPLAY will also be running its own league in the future, Australia will soon have two esports leagues on broadcast TV.

Australia is getting a city-based esports league