To the surprise of absolutely no one, Activision is looking to remaster more of its properties in the wake of Crash Bandicoot N. Sane Trilogy and Modern Warfare's success.

Talking with investors on a post-earnings conference call, Activision CEO Eric Hirshberg stated "Crash has surpassed all of our expectations by a pretty wide margin."

While sales figures have not been released, the N. Sane Trilogy topped the charts in June, June despite only have two days of sales. Meanwhile, PlayStation has confirmed the title game also topped July's downloads on PSN.

"We think we have other great IP in our portfolio that we're considering, of course, but this isn't new behaviour for us," noted Hirshberg.

"This is a strategy that clearly has our attention, and while there are no new announcements today, I think you can be confident there will be more activity like this in the future with more great IP.

"The other opportunity beyond remasters is to look at some of our classic IP and ask whether or not it can be reborn on a new platform, like what we're doing with Skylanders on mobile. Our IP library is an asset that, when done right, can be very powerful."

Activision Blizzard will release StarCraft: Remastered on August 14, featuring improved graphics and sound.